Meet Alaina


Hooray Events -- the business officially born January 1st, 2018 ... but that's not when the creativity started. I have been planning, partying, decorating & dreaming since as long as I can remember. After leaving cosmetology school to pursue a career in retail management, I knew then I enjoyed to talk with people & that public relations was the right place to be. While working at Victoria's Secret I loved the corporate hustle & bustle, but then I settled down at Gracious Me!, a local boutique in my hometown. That is where the "wedding wonder" truly started. My position there allowed me to work with brides as they registered for gifts, one of the first steps in planning a wedding. I also managed all advertising & marketing for the store, which is how I gained further experience in creating my own business. Planning parties, showers & weddings were just a side thing, until Hooray Events was conceived. Stepping down to a part-time role at Gracious Me!, I decided to move forward with creating my own event planning business.

I am called Momma by the greatest blessing of all, my three year old son Chase. I also am the proud cheerleading coach at Hopkinsville High School to twenty fabulous girls. And now, the owner of Hooray Events; your local event planner!


"Alaina helped with planning my wedding and she did a wonderful job!  She made wreaths, bows, and was there with me all day to help get everything together smoothly!  The day wouldn't have been the same without her!  Throughout the planning process, she gave me ideas of how to decorate, what would look best, she gave me choices in every decision, when I decided, she took the reigns and ran with it!   My day was beautiful and couldn't have turned out better! She was there from beginning to end!  She worked with every potential bump in the day and took it all in stride!  It was great and she was PHENOMENAL!" Jodi


"Where do I begin with how AMAZING Alaina was for my wedding? She was a Godsend! I never had to worry once about anything! She took the job and ran with it! From the rehearsal dinner til the end of my wedding night everything went smoothly and beautifully! I couldn't imagine not having her there. She is GREAT at what she does & is so compassionate with every detail!"  Lauren 

As always, you were great, Alaina Berry! Such a lady that is able to direct with poise and a beautiful smile while working hard to keep it on schedule and to get all areas of the event covered. Thank you Hooray Events. -Lisa

I thought my daughters were over the top when they said they wanted a wedding coordinator the day of their weddings. Well let me tell you I could not have survived without Alaina! She kept everything on schedule, made sure food stayed fresh and drinks stayed full, and kept a smile on her face the entire time. So, mother of the brides, if you are looking for someone to help, please contact Alaina Berry. She is fantastic! - Vicki

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